GARDENA 12001-20 Telescopic StarCut 410 plus: Telescopic tree lopper for cutting branches, adjustable length of 230-410 cm, 6.5m total reach including user, up to 200° cutting angle

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The GARDENA Telescopic StarCut 410 plus tree and pruning lopper is the specialist for care of tall trees and hedges. It features a telescopic aluminium handle which can be infinitely adjusted from 230 to 410 cm. This makes the GARDENA Telescopic StarCut 410 plus even more flexible in use and provides a reach of up to 6.5 m including the user’s height. The 12-speed gear ratio assures forceful cutting of branches with a diameter of up to 32 mm.

Innovative features

The new adjustable hook for clearing cut material ensures additional convenience during tree care. It allows effortless removal of cut-off branches from the tree crown. The GARDENA Telescopic StarCut 410 plus is equipped with an internal pulling strap which ensures that the lopper does not get tangled in the branches during cutting. The extra-lightweight, slender cutting head allows convenient, accurate cutting even near the trunk. The cutting angle can be individually adjusted from the ground. The precision-ground, non-stick-coated blades reduce resistance during cutting and are easy to clean. The pull sleeve with slip stop and the T-handle ensure comfortable, safe handling. The GARDENA Telescopic StarCut 410 plus is made in Germany.

  • maximum branch diameter: 32 mm - weight 1,5kg
  • Total length: infinitely adjustable, 230-410 cm
  • adjustable cutting angle (200°)
  • Gear ratio
  • T-handle
  • Total reach: about 6.5 m including user
  • Internal pulling strap
  • Blades: Their special shape holds the branch in the optimal cutting position
  • Materials: Precision-ground blades with non-stick coating
  • Use: Easy, comfortable cutting, even in the tree crown from the ground without a ladder
  • Cutting at great heights without a ladder: Effortless pruning of tall trees and dense hedges from the ground, total reach of about 6.5 m including user
  • Robust steel gearing: The internal steel gearing with its 12-speed gear ratio for maximum cutting force, maximum branch diameter 32 mm
  • Innovative hook for removing cut-off branches: The adjustable hook is ideal for removing cut-off branches from the tree crown
  • No getting caught in the branches: Features internal pulling strap and compact cutting head
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x GARDENA telescopic tree lopper, 25-year warranty, Made in Germany

Condition: new. When shipped to GB or ROI, all our electronic articles come with a BSI-proven power adaptor fitted by our company. For free! (As long the device comes with a power cable.)


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